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Reflections that Jesus makes
on the mystery of His suffering
and the value it has on Redemption.
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Table of Contents
Jesus dictates to Catalina:
Jesus Prepares Himself
The Last Supper
Jesus Prays in the Garden
Jesus Institutes the Holy Eucharist
Jesus Does the Will of the Father
Jesus Looks for His Disciples, Who Are
Judas Delivers Jesus
Jesus Is Taken before Caiaphas
Peter Denies Jesus
Jesus Is Taken to Prison
Jesus Is Taken before Herod
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Jesus Is Taken Again before Pilate
The Scourging of Jesus
Jesus Is Sentenced to Death
Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns
Barrabas Is Set Free
Jesus Forgives Even the Greatest Sinners
Jesus on His Way to Calvary
Jesus Is Helped to Carry the Cross
Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross
Jesus Pronounces His Last Words
The Resurrection of Jesus

God the Father dictates to Catalina

The Blessed Mother dictates to Catalina
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Appendix - Additional Books Available

To my husband, my parents, my children, and my
brothers: “look at the poor rejected Christ and follow
To Carlos, Neiza, and Betty, beautiful instruments of the
To Lili, who stirred up my love of the Cross.
To Silvia, my sister in the sweetest pain.
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To Inés and Charo, for their love of evangelization.
To Mary Queen of Peace Center, in their true and
wonderful way towards the Lord, through Mary.
To Marcos, Stanis, and Ricardo: mentors, companionways,
and beams of this poor secretary of the Lord.
Translated from the original Imprimatur in Spanish:

Archbishop of Cochabamba
Casilia 129
Cochabamba - Bolivia

We have read Catalina's books and we are sure that their only
objective is to guide us all on a journey of authentic spirituality,
founded on the Gospel of Christ. The books likewise highlight
the special place occupied by the Blessed Virgin Mary, our role
model in loving and following Jesus Christ, our Mother to
whom we should offer our complete trust and love.
In renewing the love and devotion to the Holy Catholic Church,
the books enlighten us on the actions that should characterize a
truly committed Christian.
For all this, I authorize their edition and distribution, and
recommend them as texts of meditation and spiritual orientation,
with the purpose of answering Our Lord's calling to save many
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souls, showing them that He is a living God, full of love and
+ Mons. René Fernández Apaza
Archbishop of Cochabamba
April 2, l998

his booklet is part of a larger collection of books (see list on last
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(Katya) Rivas. The books reflect traditional Catholic teaching and
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These books of “The Great Crusade” are part of a growing collection of
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The ANE is a Catholic movement of lay people that arises as an answer to
Pope John Paul II’s insistent call to those baptized to commit to the task of
promoting the Good News that Christ has died and risen for our salvation
from sin.
As Catholics that we are, we completely submit to the Teaching of the
Church concerning “Private Revelations” as stated in Canons 66 and 67 of
the Catechism of the Catholic Church, published in English in 1994:
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Canon 66: “The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and
definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is
to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made
completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full
significance over the course of the centuries.
Canon 67: Throughout the ages, there have been so-called “private”
revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the
Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not
their role to improve or complete Christ's definitive Revelation, but to help
live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the
Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and
welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of
Christ or his saints to the Church.
Christian faith cannot accept “revelations” that claim to surpass or correct
the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain
non-Christian religions and also in certain recent sects which base
themselves on such “revelations”.
If Jesus speaks to your heart as you read this book, please share these
words with people who want to open their hearts to the call for a New
Evangelization. Invoke the Holy Spirit so that It guides and grants you the
gifts that you need for a good personal conversion and grants the same for
those with whom you share this booklet.
Love and Mercy Publications
January 2007
“Love Him totally, He who totally surrendered
Himself for your love.” - Clare of Assisi
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y little daughter, let yourself be embraced by My most ardent desire
that all souls come and purify themselves in the water of penance,
and that the feeling of confidence, and not fear, may penetrate them,
because I am a God of Mercy and I am always ready to receive them in
My Heart.
Thus, day-by-day we shall be uniting ourselves in our secret of love. A
tiny spark and then a great flame… Only the real Love is not loved today!
Make Love be loved! But before that, pray little daughter, pray a lot for
the consecrated souls who have lost their enthusiasm and happiness in the
service. Pray also for those priests who accomplish that miracle of
miracles on the altar and whose faith is weak.
Lose yourself in Me like a drop of water in the ocean… When I created
you, I kissed your forehead signing you with the sign of My predilection.
Look for souls, because there are few who love Me; look for souls and
imprint in their minds the vision of the pain in which I consumed Myself.
Men, without knowing it, are about to receive great gifts.
When you do what I ask, I am near you; it is as if you quench that flaming
thirst which on the Cross dried even My lips.
I will make Myself present each time that you invoke My Passion with
love. I will permit you to live united to Me in the pain that I experienced
in Gethsemane when I knew the sins of all men.
Be conscious of that, because I call few creatures to this type of Passion,
but none of them understand the predilection I have placed on them by
associating them to Me in the most painful hour of My earthly life.
here are souls who consider My Passion, but very few who think
about My preparation for My public life: My loneliness!
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The forty days which I spent by the side of the hill were the most
distressing hours of My life because I spent them completely alone,
preparing My Spirit for that which would come. I suffered hunger, thirst,
discouragement, and bitterness. I knew that for those people My sacrifice
would be useless, for they would deny Me. In that solitude I understood
that neither My new doctrine nor My sacrifices and miracles could save
the Jewish people who would become God-slayers.
Nevertheless, I had to do My duty, the Divine Mission. I had to first leave
My seed and die later. How sad this is, looking at it from the human point
of view!
I was also a man and felt sadness and anguish. I found Myself very alone!
I mortified My Body by fasting and My Spirit by prayer. I prayed for all
humanity that would deny Me, that would sacrifice Me so many times…
I was tempted as any other mortal, and Satan was never more curious to
know who the man was that remained in such loneliness and
Think about everything that I had to go through to save man, to be able to
reign in his heart, to make possible his entrance into My Father’s
ow let us go to the story of My Passion…The story that shall give
glory to the Father and holiness to other chosen souls…
The night before I was betrayed was a night full of joy because of the
Paschal Supper, the inauguration of the Eternal Banquet at which human
beings must sit to feed themselves of Me.
If I were to ask Christians, “What do you think of this Supper,” surely
many would say that it is the place of their delight but few would say that
it is My delight… There are souls who take Communion, not for the joy
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that they experience but for the joy that I feel; they are few because the
rest only come to Me to ask for gifts and favors.
I embrace all the souls that come to Me because I came to Earth to expand
the Love in which I embrace them. And since love does not grow without
sorrows; little by little I take away the sweetness, to leave the souls in
dryness. Thus, they fast from their own joy to make them understand that
their focus should be on another desire: Mine.
Why do you talk about dryness as if it were a sign of a diminishing of My
Love? Have you forgotten that if I do not give happiness, you must taste
your dryness and other sorrows?
Come to Me, souls, but know that it is only I who wills everything and
who incites you to look for Me. If you only knew how much I appreciate
unselfish love and how it will be acknowledged in Heaven! O, how the
soul who possesses it shall rejoice!
Learn from Me, dear souls, to love only to please the One who loves
you… You shall have sweetness, and much more than what you leave; you
shall enjoy so much of whatever I have made you capable. It is I who
prepared the Banquet. I am the nourishment! How then, can I let you sit at
My table and let you fast? I promised you that whoever feeds on Me shall
not go hungry again… I serve Myself as these things to reveal My Love
to you. Listen to what My priests say, for they use this Paschal feast to
lead you to Me, but do not stop at that which is human, otherwise, you
shall nullify the other purpose of this feast.
Nobody can say that My Supper has become their nourishment when they
only experience sweetness… For Me, love grows in as much as they deny
Many priests are so because I wanted to make them My ministers, not
because they truly follow Me… Pray for them! They should offer My
Father the sorrow that I felt when in the Temple I knocked down the
benches of the merchants and I reproached the ministers of that time for
having turned the house of God into an assembly of moneymakers.
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When they asked Me under what authority had I done that, I felt an even
greater sorrow in proving that the worst denial of My Mission came
precisely from My ministers.
For that reason, pray for the priests that treat My Body with a sense of
habit and, therefore, with very little love.
You will soon know that I had to tell you this because I love you and
because I promise the remission of all temporal punishment owed those
who pray for My priests. There shall be no Purgatory for those who grieve
for the lukewarm priests, but rather they will go to Paradise immediately
after their last breath.

And now, let Me embrace you again in order for you to receive the life
that I, with infinite joy, made you part of.
That night with infinite Love, I washed the feet of My Apostles because it
was the culminating moment in which to present My Church to the world.
I wanted My souls to know that even when they may be weighted down
with the greatest sins, they are not excluded from graces. They are with
My most faithful souls; they are in My Heart receiving the graces that they
I felt such sorrow at that moment knowing that, represented in Judas, My
Apostle, there were so many souls gathered at My feet and cleansed so
many times with My Blood, yet they were to be lost! At that moment, I
wanted to teach sinners that just because they have sinned, they should not
distance themselves from Me thinking that there is no recourse and that
they will never be loved as much as before they sinned. Poor souls! These
are not the feelings of a God who has poured out all His Blood for you.
Come to Me all of you and do not be afraid, because I love you. I shall
cleanse you with My Blood and you shall be as white as snow. I shall
drown your sins in the water of My Mercy and nothing will be able to
snatch from My Heart the Love that I have for you.
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My beloved, I have not chosen you in vain, respond to My election with
generosity. Be faithful and firm in the faith. Be meek and humble so that
others may know the greatness of My humility.
obody really believes that I perspired blood that night at
Gethsemane, and few believe that I suffered much more in those
hours than in the Crucifixion. It was more painful because it was clearly
revealed to Me that the sins of everyone were made Mine and that I should
answer for each one. Thus I, being innocent and pure, answered to the
Father as if I were really guilty of dishonesty and of all the impurities
committed by you, My brothers. You dishonor God who created you to be
instruments of the greatness of Creation and not to stray from the nature
given you with the purpose of gradually taking that nature to lead you to
behold the pure vision of Me, your Creator.
Therefore, I was made thief, murderer, adulterer, liar, a sacrilegious
person, blasphemer, slanderer, and rebel to the Father whom I have always
It was precisely this contrast between My Love for the Father and His Will
that caused My perspiration of blood. But I obeyed until the end and for
Love of everyone, I covered Myself with the guilt so that I could do My
Father’s Will and save you from eternal damnation.
Consider how many more than human agonies I had that night and,
believe Me, nobody could alleviate such anguish because, on the contrary,
I was seeing how each one of you devoted yourself to making my death
cruel at every moment that was given to Me because of the offenses whose
penalty I have paid in full. I want it to be known once again how I loved
all men at that hour of abandonment and sadness without name….
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he desire that all souls be clean when they receive Me in the
Sacrament of Love, led Me to wash the feet of My Apostles
. I also did
it to represent the Sacrament of Penance, in which the souls that have had
the misfortune of falling into sin, can wash themselves and regain their
lost purity.
By washing their feet, I wanted to teach the souls that have apostolic tasks
to humble themselves and treat with tenderness the sinners and all the
souls who have been entrusted to them.
I wrapped Myself in a cloth to teach them that, in order to be successful
with souls, one has to girdle oneself with mortification and self-denial.
I wanted them to learn mutual charity and how the faults they observe in
their neighbor should be purged, concealing them and always forgiving
them without ever disclosing their faults. The water that I poured over My
Apostles’ feet was a reflection of the zeal that consumed My Heart in
desiring the salvation of men.
At that moment the Love that I felt for men was infinite and I did not want
to leave them orphans… In order to live with you until the consummation
of time and to show you My Love, I wanted to be your breath, your life,
your support, your All! Then I saw all the souls that, in the course of
time, would be nourished by My Body and Blood, and I saw all the divine
effects that this nourishment would produce in many souls…
That immaculate Blood would engender purity and virginity in many
souls; in others, it would light the fire of love and zeal. Many martyrs of
Love gathered at that hour before My eyes and in My Heart! Many other
souls, after having committed many and serious sins and weakened by
force of passions, would come to Me to renew their strength with the
Bread of the strong!
How I would like to make known the feelings of My Heart to all souls!
How much I desire that they know the Love I felt for them at the Cenacle
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when I instituted the Holy Eucharist. Nobody could penetrate the feelings
in My Heart during those moments - feelings of love, joy, tenderness…
But greater was also the sorrow that invaded My Heart.
Are you perhaps good ground for the construction of a magnificent
building? Yes and no… Yes, because of the gifts that I have given you
since birth; no, because of the use that you have made of them. Do you
think that your ground is of suitable proportion to the structure of the
building that I raise? O, it is paltry! Then, in spite of all the opposing
elements that exist in you, My calculations will not fail because it is My
handicraft to choose that which is poor for the intent that I set Myself. I
never make a mistake because I use artistry and love. I construct actively
without your realizing it. Your own desire to know what I am doing serves
Me to prove to you that you cannot do or know anything without My
desiring it… It is time to work, do not ask Me for anything because there
is someone who thinks about you.
I want to tell My souls the sorrow, the tremendous pain that filled My
Heart that night. Even though My joy was great in becoming the Divine
Nourishment of souls and man’s companion till the end of time, and of
seeing how many would render Me homage of adoration, love, and
reparation, great was the sadness that caused Me to contemplate all those
souls that were to abandon Me at the Tabernacle and the many that would
doubt My presence in the Holy Eucharist.
O, how many hearts stained, dirty, and torn by sin I would have to enter!
And how My profaned Flesh and Blood, would become the reason for the
damnation of so many souls! You cannot understand the way in which I
contemplated all the sacrileges, offences, and tremendous abominations
that would be committed against Me… the many hours that I would spend
alone in the Tabernacles. So many long nights! How many men would
reject the loving calls that would be directed to them.
For love of souls, I remain prisoner in the Holy Eucharist, so that in your
sorrows and sadness you can go to console yourselves with the most
tender of Hearts, with the best of Fathers, with the most loyal friend. But
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that Love, which is consumed for the good of mankind, is not going to be
I live amongst sinners to be their salvation and life, their doctor and
medicine; yet they, in return, in spite of their sick nature, will distance
themselves from Me. They offend Me and scorn Me.
My children, poor sinners! Do not distance yourselves from Me. I wait for
you night and day at the Tabernacle. I will not reproach your crimes; I will
not throw your sins in your face. What I will do is to wash you with the
Blood of My wounds. Do not be afraid, come to Me. You do not know
how much I love you.
And you, dear souls, why are you cold and indifferent to My Love? I
know you have to attend to the needs of your family, your home, and of
the world that constantly calls for you. But, do you not have a moment to
come and give Me proof of your love and gratitude? Do not let so many
useless worries pull you away; reserve a moment of your time to visit the
Prisoner of Love. If your body is sick, can you not find a few minutes to
look for a physician to cure you? Come to He who can give you the
strength and health of the soul. Give alms of love to this Divine Beggar,
who calls you, wants you, and waits for you.
These words will produce the effect of a great reality in souls. They will
penetrate in the families, schools, religious congregations, hospitals,
prisons, and many souls will succumb to My Love. My greatest pains
come from the souls of priests and nuns.
At the moment that I instituted the Holy Eucharist, I saw all the privileged
souls that would be nourished with My Body and Blood and the effects
produced in them.
To some, My Body would be a remedy to their weakness. To others, a fire
that would succeed in consuming their miseries, inflaming them with love.
Ah!… Those souls gathered before Me will be an enormous garden in
which every plant produces a different flower, but all delight Me with their
scent. My Body will be the sun that brings them back to life. I shall come
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to some to be consoled, to others to hide, in others I will rest. If you only
knew, beloved souls, how easy it is to console, to hide, and to give rest to
This God, who loves you with infinite Love after freeing you from the
bondage of sin, has planted in you the incomparable grace of the religious
vocation. He has brought you in a mysterious way to the garden of His
delights. This God, your Redeemer, has become your spouse. He Himself
nourishes you with His Body so pure, and with His Blood, He quenches
your thirst. In Me you shall find rest and happiness.
O, little daughter! Why is it that so many souls, after having been filled
with so many blessings and caresses, have to be the cause of such sadness
in My Heart? Am I not always the same? Have I changed for you? …. No!
I will never change, and I will love you with predilection and tenderness
till the end.
I know you are full of miseries, but this will not keep from you My most
tender looks and I wait for you anxiously, not only to ease your miseries,
but also to fill you with My blessings.
If I ask for your love, do not deny it to Me. It is very easy to love He who
is Love itself. If I ask for something dear to your nature, I give you both
the grace and the strength necessary so you can be My comfort. Allow Me
to come into your souls and, if you do not find in them anything that is
worthy of Me, tell Me with humility and with confidence: “Lord, you can
see the fruit that this tree produces. Come and tell me what to do, so that
from now on it may bear the fruit that You desire.”
If the soul tells Me this with a real desire of proving its love, I shall
answer: “Dear soul, allow Me to cultivate your love…”
Do you know the fruits that you will obtain? The victory over your
character will repair offences; it will atone for faults. If you are not upset
when you are corrected and you accept it gladly, you will bring about a
change in those souls blinded by pride who will humble themselves and
ask for forgiveness.
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This is what I will do in your soul if you allow Me to work freely. The
garden will not flourish immediately, but you will give great comfort to
My Heart.
All this passed before Me when I instituted the Eucharist and I was ignited
with desire to nourish the souls. I was not going to stay on Earth to live
with perfect beings, but rather to hold the weak and nourish the children…
I would make them grow, invigorate their souls, and rest in their miseries,
and their good desires would console Me.
But within My elected ones there are souls that cause Me sorrow. Will
they all persevere? This is the scream of pain that escapes from My Heart;
this is the moan that I want the souls to hear.
The Eternal Love is looking for souls who may say new things about the
old truths already known. The infinite Love wants to create in the bosom
of humanity a tribunal of pure Mercy, not of Justice. That is why the
messages are multiplying all over the world. Whoever understands this
admires its work, takes advantage of them, and helps others profit from
them as well. Whoever does not understand, keeps on being a slave of the
spirit that dies and is condemned.
To these I direct My word of condemnation, because they hinder My
Divine Work and they become accomplices of the Devil.
When they condemn, cover-up, and repress that which comes not from
mere creatures but from the Creator, their cleverness produces pressure
over their childlike minds. To those whom I have called little ones, I reveal
My knowledge, which on the other hand, I hide from the proud.
Soul, allow Me to pour Myself in you. Become a valve of My Heart
because there is always someone who stifles My Love…
f My Passion I want you to consider above all, the bitterness that was
caused by My knowing the sins, that darkening the mind of man,
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lead him to aberrations. Most of the time these sins are accepted as a fruit
of natural inclinations that, it is said, cannot be opposed by one’s own will.
Today, many live in grave sin, blaming others or fate, without the
possibility of getting rid of them. I saw this in Gethsemane and I knew the
great evil that My soul would absorb. So many are lost like that and how I
suffered for them!
Thus by My example, by washing their feet and becoming their Food, I
taught My Apostles to mutually support each other. The hour was
approaching for which the Son of God had been made man and Redeemer
of the human race; for which He was going to spill His Blood and give His
Life for the world.
At that moment I wanted to be in prayer and give Myself to the Will of My
Father… It was then that My Will as a man conquered the natural
resistance to the great suffering prepared for Me by Our Father, who you
see was hurting more than Myself. Then, among those lost souls, I
surrendered My Own Soul in order to repair that which had already
become corrupt. My Omnipotence can do all, but wants littleness upon
which to add of the other, and this littleness, I Myself offer it with infinite
My Passion… what a bottomless abyss of bitterness within which it
enclosed itself!
How mistakenly remote is he who believes he comprehends it, yet only
thinks of the terrible sufferings of My Body.
My daughter, I have reserved for you other scenes of the intimate tragedies
that I lived and I wish to share them with you because you are one of those
whom the Father gave Me in the Garden.
Dear souls, learn from your Model that the only necessary thing, even if
your nature rebels, is to submit yourself with humility and to surrender
yourself to fulfill the Will of God.
I also wanted to teach souls that all-important acts must be prepared and
revitalized through prayer. In prayer the soul is fortified for the most
background image
difficult things and God communicates with the soul, gives it advice, and
inspires it even when it (the soul) is not aware of it.
I withdrew to the Garden with three of My Disciples, in order to teach
them that the three Powers of the soul should accompany and help them in
Remember, from memory, the divine benefits, the perfection of God: His
Kindness, His Power, His Mercy, and the Love that He has for you.
Afterwards, look with understanding on how to correspond to the marvels
that He has done for you… Through prayer, in your retreat and silence,
allow your will to be moved to do more and the best for God, and to be
consecrated for the salvation of souls, whether by means of your apostolic
work or by your humble and hidden life.
Prostrate yourselves humbly as creatures in the presence of their Creator,
and adore His designs over you, whatever they may be, committing your
will to the Divine One.
In this way I offered Myself to fulfill the work of redeeming the world.
Ah! What a moment it was when I felt all those torments come over Me,
the torments I was to suffer in My Passion: the slander, the insults, the
scourging, the kicks, the Crown of Thorns, the thirst, the Cross…
All that passed before My eyes at the same time that an intense pain hurt
My Heart; the offenses, the sins, and the abominations that would be
committed in the passing of time. And I not only saw them, but I felt
reinvested with all those horrors, and in this way I presented Myself to My
Celestial Father to implore Mercy.
My little daughter, I offered Myself as a lily to calm His anger and
appease His wrath. Nevertheless, with so many crimes and so many sins,
My human nature experienced a mortal agony to the point of sweating
Is it possible for this anguish and this Blood to be useless for so many
souls?… My Love was the origin of My Passion. If I had not wanted it,
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who would have been able to touch Me? I wanted it and to accomplish
this, I used the cruelest amongst men.
Before suffering, I knew in Myself all suffering and I could evaluate it
entirely. But then, when I wanted to suffer, in addition to full knowledge
and appraisal, I had the human sensation of all sufferings. I took all of
Speaking of My Passion, I cannot go into so much detail. Other times I
have done so and you cannot understand it. Because of your human nature,
you could not begin to understand the enormous extent of the pains that I
have suffered.
Yes, I illuminate you, but I stay within a limit beyond which you cannot
advance. Only to My Mother did I make known all My pains, that is why
she suffered them more than anyone.
But today the world will know more than I have allowed up to now,
because My Father wants it this way. For that reason, a ray of love
flourishes in My Church because of all the changing circumstances that
took Me from the Garden to Calvary. More than to anyone else, I manifest
My Passion to the loved ones I had in the Garden. They are able to
mention something that adapts to the mind of present-day travelers. And if
they can, they should do it. That is why you should write all that I tell you,
little one, for you and for many others, in comfort for the souls and for the
Glory of the Holy Trinity who desires that My suffering in Gethsemane be
My soul is sad until death. While the sadness of not being physically well
could be the cause of death, I wanted to experience the sadness of the
spirit, which consisted of the complete absence of the influence of the
Divinity and the heartbreaking presence of the causes of My Passion.
In My Spirit, which was agonizing unto death, were present all the reasons
that impelled Me to bring Love to earth. Foremost were the offenses made
against My suffering Divinity as a man, yet with the consciousness of
God. You cannot find anything like this type of suffering because the man
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who sins understands, with My light, the part that corresponds to him and
many times, imperfectly, he does not see what sin is like in front of Me.
For that reason, it is clear that only God can know the importance of an
offense done to Him.
Nevertheless, humanity should be able to offer complete knowledge, true
sorrow, and repentance to the Divinity, and I can let humanity do so
whenever it wishes. I do this in fact by offering My knowledge that has
worked within Me, a man, a human who bore the offenses against God.
This was My wish: that through Me, the repented sinner would have the
way of presenting to his God the knowledge of the committed offense, and
that I, in My Divinity, could also receive the full understanding of what he
has done against Me.
Enough for today, you do not know how much you console Me when you
give yourself to Me with entire abandonment… Not everyday can I talk to
souls… Let Me tell you, for them, My secrets!… Let Me make use of your
days and nights!
I was sad unto death because I could see everywhere the huge
accumulation of the offenses committed. And if for one I experienced a
death without comparison, what could I have experienced for the
combination of all the offences? “Sad is My Soul unto death…” a sadness
which produced in Me the abandonment of all strength; a sadness which
had as a center in Me the Divinity towards which would converge the tide
of the faults and the stench of the souls corroded by all types of vices. For
that reason, I was at the same time target and arrow - as God, the target,
and as man, the arrow. As soon as I had absorbed all sin, I appeared before
My Father as the only offender. Greater sadness than this could not exist,
and I wanted to take all of it, for the Love of the Father, and for Mercy to
all of you.
If he does not pay attention to this matter, man ponders in vain over the
meaning of these words, which include all My essence as God and Man.
Look at Me in this gigantic prison of spirit. Do I not deserve love if I
struggled and suffered so much? Do I not deserve for creatures to count on
background image
Me as their own, knowing that I give Myself entirely without reserve?
Drink all of you from My inexhaustible fountain of goodness. Drink! I
offer you My sadness in the Garden; give Me your sadness, all your
sadness. I want to make of your sadness a bouquet of violets, whose
perfume is constantly directed toward My Divinity.
“Father, if it is possible, take this Cup away from Me, but let not My Will
but Yours be done.” I said this in the height of bitterness, when the load
that weighed upon Me had become so bloody that My Soul found itself in
the most unbelievable darkness. I said it to the Father because, upon
assuming all the blame, I presented Myself before Him as the only sinner
against whom all His Divine Justice was discharged. And feeling deprived
of My Divinity, only humanity appeared before Me.
Take from Me, O Father, this extremely bitter Chalice that You present to
Me, and that I accepted for Your Love when I came to this world. I have
arrived at a point in which I do not even recognize Myself. You, O Father,
who loves Me, have made sin My inheritance and this makes My presence
before You unbearable. The ingratitude of human beings is known to Me
but how will I endure seeing Myself alone? My God, have pity of the great
solitude in which I find Myself. Why do even You want to abandon Me?
What help shall I find then in such great desolation? Why do You also
strike Me this way? Yes, You deprive Me of You. I feel like I am going
down into such an abyss that I do not even recognize your hand in such a
tragic situation. The Blood that oozes out of My Body gives You
testimony of My annihilation under Your powerful hand.
Thus, I cried; I fell. But then I continued: It is just, Holy Father, that You
do of Me what You want. My life is not Mine, it belongs totally to You. I
do not want that My Will be done, but rather Yours. I have accepted a
death on the Cross, I accept also the apparent death of My Divinity.
It is just. All this I should give You and, before everything, I should offer
You the holocaust of My Divinity which unites Me to You. Yes, Father,
with the Blood that You see, I confirm My donation and My acceptance:
Your Will be done, not Mine…
background image
n spite of everything, the enormous weight and the terrible fatigue,
together with the sweat of Blood, I had been hit in such a way that
when I went to look for My Apostles, I felt tremendously exhausted.
Peter, John, James! Where are you that I do not see you alert? Wake up,
look at My face, see how My Body trembles in this tribulation that I
experience! Why do you sleep? Wake up and pray with Me; I have
sweated Blood for you!
Peter, My chosen disciple, do you not care about My Passion?… James, to
you I have given so much preference, look at Me and remember Me! And
you John, why do you let yourself sink into sleep with the others? You can
bear more than they… Do not sleep, keep watch and pray with Me!
This is what I obtained: seeking comfort, I found bitter affliction. Not even
they are with Me. Where else shall I go?… It is true, My Father gave Me
only that which I asked for, so that the judgment to all humanity would fall
upon Me. My Father, help Me! You can do all; help Me!
I prayed again as a man for whom all hope has been destroyed and who
seeks comprehension and comfort from on high. But what could My
Father do if I had freely chosen to pay for everything? My election had not
changed. Nevertheless, the natural resistance had come to such an
excessive degree that My humanity was overwhelmed.
Again I fell to the ground on My face because of the shame of all your
sins; again I asked My Father to take away that Chalice. But He answered
that, if I did not drink from it, it would be as if I had not come to this
world and for Me to console Myself because many creatures would take
part in My agonies in the Garden.
I answered: Father, do not let My Will be done, but Yours. This Angel has
assured Me of Your Love, and this brief joy that You have sent Me, has
done a good deed even with My natural resistance. Give Me My creatures,
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those I have redeemed. You Yourself take them because for You I have
accepted. I want to see You content. I offer You all My sufferings and My
unchanging Will, that in truth is not in disagreement with Yours, because
We have always been One… Father, I am destroyed but thus Our Love
will be known. Your Will be done, not Mine!
Again I returned to wake My Disciples, but the rays of the Divine Justice
had left Me in a permanent rut… They became filled with fright when they
saw Me like a mad man, and the one who suffered the most was John. I,
silent… they stunned… Only Peter had the courage to speak. Poor Peter, if
he had only known that part of My agitation had been caused by him.
I had taken My three friends so that I could rest in them and in their love,
so that they could help Me by sharing My anguish, and pray with Me…
How do I describe what I felt when I saw them asleep?
How My Heart suffers even today and, wanting to find relief in My souls,
I go to them and find them asleep. More than once, when I wanted to wake
them and take them out of themselves, away from their worries. They
answer Me, if not with words, with deeds: “Not now, I am too tired; I have
too much to do; this is bad for My health; I need a little time; I want some
I insist and gently tell that soul: Do not fear. If for Me you leave your rest,
I shall reward you. Come and pray with Me, only one hour! Look, this is
the moment when I need you! If you stop, will you now be behind
schedule? How many times I hear that same answer!
Poor soul, you have not been able to keep watch one hour with Me. Soon I
will come and you shall not hear Me because you are asleep. I will want to
give you the Grace but since you are asleep, you shall not be able to
receive it. And who will make sure that later you will have the strength to
wake up?… It is possible that deprived of food, your soul will be weak
and you may not be able to come out from that lethargy.
Many souls have been surprised by death in the middle of a deep sleep
and, where and how have they awakened?
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Dear souls, I also want to teach you how useless and vain it is to look for
relief in creatures. How often they are asleep and, instead of finding the
relief that I look for in them, I leave with bitterness for they do not
correspond to Our wishes nor to Our Love.
When I prayed to My Father and asked for help, My sad and abandoned
soul was suffering the anguish of death. I felt overpowered with the
weight of the worst ingratitude.
The Blood that poured out of all the pores of My Body and that in a short
time would gush forth from all My wounds, would be useless for a great
number of souls that would be lost. Many would offend Me and many
would not know Me! Later I would spill My Blood for all and My merits
would be applied to each one of them. Divine Blood! Infinite merits! And
yet, useless for so many, many souls.
But by then I was already going to encounter other things, and My Will
was bent to the fulfillment of My Passion.
Men, if I suffered, it has certainly not been without fruit nor without
reason. The fruits that I have obtained have been Glory and Love. It is
now up to you, with My help, to demonstrate to Me that you appreciate
My work.
I never tire! Come to Me! Come to He who vibrates in Love for you and
who only knows how to give you the real Love that reigns in Heaven and
that transforms you now on earth.
Souls that taste My thirst, drink from My bitter and glorious Chalice, for I
tell you that the Father wants to reserve some of the drops of this Chalice
precisely for you. Think about these few drops taken from Me and then, if
you believe, tell Me that you do not want them. I have not set limits and
neither should you. I was destroyed without mercy. For love, you should
allow Me to destroy your self-esteem.
I am He who works in you, just as My Father worked in Me when in the
background image
I am He who gives you sufferings so that one day you may be happy. Be
docile for a time; be docile in imitation of Me because this helps you
greatly and it pleases Me a great deal. Do not lose anything, but rather
acquire the love. How could I allow My beloved ones to suffer real losses
while they try to show Me love?
I wait for you. I am always waiting and I shall not tire. Come to Me;
come as you are, it does not matter as long as you come. Then you shall
see that I will adorn your foreheads with jewels, with those drops of Blood
that I spilled in Gethsemane - those drops are yours, if you want them.
Come, soul, come to Jesus who calls you.
I said: My Father; I did not say: My God. This is what I want to teach you:
when your heart suffers most, you should say “My Father” and ask Him
for consolation. Show Him your sufferings, your fears, and with moans
remind Him that you are His children. Tell Him that your soul can no
longer bear it! Ask with a child’s trust and wait, for your Father will help
you; He will give you and the souls who trust, the necessary strength to go
through your tribulations…
This is the Chalice that I accepted and drained to its last drop. Everything
to teach you, dear children, not to ever believe again that suffering is
useless. If you do not see results always attained, yield your judgment and
allow the Divine Will to be fulfilled within you.
I did not retreat. On the contrary, knowing that it was in the Garden where
they had to apprehend Me, I stayed there. I did not want to flee from My
My daughter, tonight allow My Blood to irrigate and strengthen the roots
of your littleness.
fter having been comforted by My Father’s messenger, I saw that
Judas, followed by all those who would apprehend Me, was
approaching Me. They had ropes, sticks, and stones… I stepped forward
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and told them: “Who are you looking for?” While Judas, with a hand on
My shoulder, kissed Me…
So many souls have sold Me and will sell Me for the wretched price of a
delight, for a momentary and passing pleasure… Poor souls, those that
look for Jesus, as the soldiers did.
Souls whom I love; you, who come to Me and receive Me in your bosom,
who tell Me so many times that you love Me… will you hand Me over
after you receive Me? In the places that you visit there are stones that
wound Me, there are conversations that offend Me, and you, who have
received Me today lose the beautiful whiteness of Grace there.
Why do the souls who know Me, hand Me over this way when on more
than one occasion they boast of being pious and practicing charity? All
things that truly could help you acquire greater merits… What are they to
you but a veil to cover your crime of treasuring goods on earth?
Be watchful and pray! Fight without rest and do not let your bad
inclinations and defects become habitual.
Look, it is necessary to cut down the grass every year and possibly even
during the four seasons. You have to work the land and clear it. You have
to make it better and take care to pull out the weeds that sprout up in it.
You also have to take care of the soul with much diligence and you must
straighten out the twisted tendencies.
Do not believe that the soul who sells Me and gave itself to grave sin,
started with a grave sin. Usually the great fall started with something little:
something the soul enjoyed, a weakness, an illicit consent, a pleasure that
is not forbidden but that is not very convenient… In this way, the soul
starts blinding itself, it diminishes in Grace, the passion strengthens, and
lastly, it conquers.
Understand this: if it is sad to receive an offense and ingratitude from any
soul, it is more so when it comes from My most beloved, chosen souls.
However, others can do reparation and console Me.
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Souls, you whom I have chosen to make My resting place, the garden of
My delights, I expect from you greater tenderness, more gentleness, and a
lot more love.
I expect you to be the balm that heals My wounds, to clean My face made
ugly and dirty; to help Me give light to so many blind souls that in the
darkness of night apprehend Me and bind Me to give Me death.
Do not leave Me alone… Wake up and come, for My enemies are
When the soldiers came close I said: “I am!” These same words I repeat to
the soul who is about to fall into temptation: ”I am,” there is still time and
if you want, I shall forgive you. And instead of you tying Me up with the
ropes of sin, I am He who shall tie you up with the bond of Love.
Come, I am He who loves you; the One who has so much compassion for
your weaknesses; the One who is anxiously waiting to receive you in His
The episode of My capture, well examined, has a lot of importance. If
Peter had not given that blow to Malchus, I would not have had the
opportunity to call to your attention the method I want you to use in
fighting for Me.
Then I made use of a proverb to admonish Peter and I restored Malchus’
ear because I do not like violence, being that I am the Lord of liberty. But
notice that apart from doing this, I expressed to Peter the firm desire that
My Passion be completed and I made him contemplate the fact that if I
wanted, the Father would defend Me with His Angels.
See how many things in just one episode? But the main thing is precisely
the lesson that I had to give to all of you about fighting your enemies.
Whoever is like Me does it thus: he allows himself to be taken where they
want to take him, because he will have strength in the moments which are
not those sought by the world (by man), by human experience, and by the
astuteness of self-love.
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No, whoever is like Me shall stay in the situation where he is placed and
will receive unknown but vigorous strength to dominate his suppressors.
My true disciple does the most improbable things without interrupting in
the least My designs for him. The world pleases itself with singularities, in
excelling, and showing its own superiority. This is the spirit that I have
fought and conquered. That is why I told you all to take courage, because
having conquered it, that world can now do nothing to cut its unity with
Me provided that you do not unite with it. If you do, you would have to
suffer the consequences with the added difficulty that since I Myself
oppose its victory with the weapons of the world, many times you will
have as adversaries the world and Me - the world because of its selfish
love, and Me for pure Love, for Love of your true well- being.
Therefore, no blows like Peter’s to the ears of your enemies without full
acceptance of the Chalice that I offer you. A Chalice in which you should
see My Will as I saw that of My Father when I asked the beloved Peter:
“Do you not want Me to drink from this Chalice that My Father gives
Always meditate on My Passion, but penetrate intimately into My Spirit
and obtain the impressions that are wholesome and incite you to imitate
Me. Naturally, I am He who works these things in you but you must apply
yourselves and, later, you will attain what I say.
Ah! If man could only understand this aspect of My Passion! How much
easier it would be to yield and relive My Life!
Go ahead, My children, everything is a question of love, not of anything
else. Of love and My work that I want to accomplish in you, and of you
always loving Me more. Stop reasoning in a human way; open your mind
to My world, to the one that I have with you. This is important!
You are Mine for three reasons: because I created you from nothing;
because I redeemed you; and because you shall receive part of My Crown
of Glory. That is why you must remember that I care for you for these
three reasons, and that I could never lose My interest in whom I have
created, have saved, and in whom shall be My Glory.
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You are driven to this path and you must travel it all. As it was for Me, it
will not only be good for you but also for many of your brothers who
should receive from Me, through you, Grace and Life.
Advance, because I delight Myself in it; learn, because Love wants to
possess you completely.
I give you My Blessing, full of promise. I give it to all of you with the
power that I enjoy as a man, power that is yours, and joy that I shall award
with the prize, which shall confirm My infinite Love for you.
My hour had come; the hour in which I had to consummate the sacrifice,
and I surrendered Myself to the soldiers with the meekness of a lamb.
was taken before Caiaphas, where I was received with jeers and
insults. One of his soldiers struck My cheek. It was the first blow I
received and in it I saw the first mortal sin of many souls who, after
having lived in grace, committed that first sin… So many other sins
followed that first sin, serving as an example so that other souls would
also commit them.
My Apostles abandoned Me and Peter remained hidden behind a fence,
amongst the servants, spying, moved by curiosity.
With Me were men only trying to accumulate crimes against Me,
accusations that could further incite the anger of such wicked judges.
There I saw the faces of all the demons, of all the bad angels. They
accused Me of disturbing the order, of being an instigator and a false
prophet, of being blasphemous, and profaning the Sabbath. And the
soldiers, overexcited by the slanders, shouted and threatened Me.
Then My silence cried out, shaking My whole Body. Where are you,
Apostles and disciples who have been witnesses of My Life, of My
teachings and of My miracles? Of all those from whom I was expecting
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some proof of love, there is no one left to defend Me. I am alone and
surrounded by soldiers who want to devour Me like wolves.
Contemplate how they mistreated Me: one deals Me a blow against the
face, another thrusts his dirty saliva at Me, another twists My face to make
fun of Me; another pulls My beard; another wrings My arms between his
fingers; another hits My genitals with his knee, and when I fall, two of
them pull Me up by the hair.
hile My Heart offers to suffer all these ordeals, Peter, whom I had
named “Leader and Head of the Church” and who hours before had
promised to follow Me unto My death, denies Me in response to a simple
question that is asked of him and which could have served him in giving
testimony of Me. And as fear seizes him even more, when the question is
repeated, he swears that he has never known Me nor has he been My
disciple. Questioned for the third time, he answered with terrible curses.
Little children, when the world protests against Me and, turning towards
My chosen souls, I see Myself abandoned and denied, do you know how
great is the sadness and bitterness in My Heart?
I shall tell them as I told Peter: Soul, whom I love so much, do you not
remember the tests of love that I have given you? Have you forgotten that
many times you have promised Me to be faithful and to defend Me?
You do not trust yourself because you are lost; but if you come to Me with
humbleness and firm trust, fear nothing; you are well sustained.
Souls, you, who live surrounded by so many dangers, do not enter into
occasions of sin through vain curiosity; be careful that you could fall like
And you souls who work in My vineyard, if you feel moved by curiosity
or by some human satisfaction, I shall tell you to run away. But if you
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work for obedience and are propelled by zeal for souls and for My Glory,
be not afraid. I will defend you and you shall depart victorious.
My beloved, I am educating you little by little and with much patience. I
am consoled with the thought of having a pupil eager to learn. Thus, I
forget your negligence and mistakes. If I look in creation for the most
beautiful names to call you, be not afraid. Why do you suppress them?
Love has no limits.
et us go on with this painful story, which you will manage to take to
as many people as you can. I will enlighten you in the way in which it
should be done.
When the soldiers took Me prisoner, Peter was half hidden in one of the
patios amid the crowd. Our looks crossed; his eyes were disoriented, it
was only for a fraction of a second and yet, I told him so much!… I saw
him cry bitterly for his sin and with My Heart I told him: “The enemy has
tried to possess you but I do not abandon you. I know that your heart has
not denied Me. Be ready for the battle of the new day, for the renewed
battles against spiritual darkness and ready yourself to take the good news.
Goodbye, Peter.”
How many times I look into the soul that has sinned, but does it look also?
Not always do our eyes meet. How many times do I look at the soul and it
does not look at Me; it does not see Me; it is blind… I call it by its name
and it does not answer Me. I send it a sorrow, a pain, so that it can come
out of its sleep, but it does not want to wake up.
My beloved ones, if you do not look at Heaven, you shall live as beings
deprived of motive. Raise your head and contemplate the Home that
awaits you. Search for your God and you shall always find Him with His
eyes fixed upon you, and in His look you shall find peace and life.
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Contemplate Me in prison where I spent a great part of the night. The
soldiers came to insult Me with words and deeds, pushing Me, hitting Me,
making fun of My condition as a man.
Close to dawn, fed up with Me, they left Me alone tied up in a dark, humid
and foul-smelling room, full of rats. I was tied in such a way that I had to
be standing up or sitting on a pointed rock which was what they gave Me
as a seat. My aching body was soon numbed with cold. I remembered the
thousands of times that My Mother covered My Body, wrapping it up
when I was cold… and I cried.
Now let us compare the Sanctuary with the prison and, above all, with the
hearts of men. In prison I spent one night… how many nights do I spend
in the Sanctuary?
In prison the soldiers, who were My enemies, injured Me; but in the
Sanctuary I am badly treated and insulted by souls who call Me Father. In
the prison I was cold, sleepy, hungry, ashamed, sad, aching, lonely, and
abandoned. I could see, over the course of time, how in so many
Sanctuaries I would not have the coat of love. So many frigid hearts would
be for Me like the rock in the prison!
So many times I would be thirsty for love, thirsty for souls! So many days
do I wait for such a soul to visit Me, to receive Me in its heart because I
have spent the night alone and have thought about that soul in order to
quench My thirst! So many times I hunger for My souls, for their fidelity,
for their generosity!
Do they know how to calm this longing? When they have to undergo some
suffering, will they know to tell Me: “this will help to ease Your sadness,
to be with You in Your loneliness?” And, O! If at least united to Me and as
long as you would console My Heart, you would endure it all with peace
and be strengthened.
In prison I felt shame when I heard the horrible words that were said about
Me, and that shame grew when I later saw that those same words would be
repeated by beloved souls.
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When those dirty and repugnant hands struck My face and hit Me, I saw
how many times I would be hit and struck by so many souls who, without
purifying themselves from sin, without cleaning their house with a good
confession, would receive Me in their hearts. Those habitual sins would
strike Me repeatedly.
When they would make Me get up by pushing Me, being without strength
and because of the chains that bound Me, I would fall to the ground. I saw
how so many souls, tying Me up with the chains of ingratitude, would let
Me fall upon the stones renewing My shame and prolonging My
Chosen souls, contemplate your Spouse in prison. Contemplate Me this
night of such pain and consider that this pain is prolonged in the solitude
of so many Sanctuaries, in the coldness of so many hearts.
If you want to give Me proof of your love, open your heart so I can make
it My prison. Tie Me up with the chains of your love. Cover Me with your
gentleness; feed Me with your kindness. Quench My thirst with your zeal.
Console My sadness and abandonment with your faithful company. Make
My shame disappear with your purity and honest intentions.
If you want Me to rest in you, avoid the tumult of your passions and in the
silence of your soul, I shall sleep peacefully.
Now and then you will hear My voice that softly tells you: Spouse of
Mine, now that you are My rest, I will be yours through eternity. To you,
who provide Me the prison of your heart with so much dedication and
love, I promise that My reward shall have no limits, and the sacrifices that
you have made for Me during your life will not weigh you down.
ilate ordered that they take Me to the presence of Herod… He was a
poor corrupt man who only searched for pleasure, allowing him to be
driven to disorderly passions. He was glad to see Me come before his
tribunal because he hoped to amuse himself with My words and miracles.
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Consider, My children, the repulsion that I felt in the presence of the most
repulsive of men, whose words, questions, and affected gestures covered
Me with confusion. Pure and virginal souls, come to surround and defend
your Spouse.
Herod expects Me to answer his sarcastic questions but I do not utter a
word; I keep the most absolute silence before him. Not answering was the
greatest proof of My dignity that I could give him. His obscene words
were not worthy to cross with My pure ones. In the meantime, My Heart
was infinitely united to My Heavenly Father. I was consumed with desire
to give up even the last drop of My Blood for souls. The thought of every
man, who later would follow Me, conquered by My example and
generosity, ignited Me in love and, not only did I enjoy that terrible
interrogation but I wanted to run to the torture of the Cross.
allowed them to treat Me as a mad man and they covered Me with a
white tunic as a sign of their ridicule and their making fun of Me. Later,
in the middle of furious mocking shouts, they took Me again before Pilate.
Watch how this bewildered and very confused man does not know what to
do with Me. And to quiet the fury of the mob, he commands that they have
Me scourged.
Represented in Pilate, I saw the souls that lack the courage and generosity
to break away once and for all from the demands of the world and from
their own nature. Instead of nipping the dangers of what their conscience
tells them about not being of the world and of nature, their conscious mind
tells them not to be of the good spirit. Then they give in to a whim, enjoy
themselves in a passing satisfaction, and surrender in part to what their
passion demands. And to silence the guilty feelings, they tell themselves:
“I have already deprived myself of this or that, and that is enough.”
background image
I will only say to this soul: “You scourge Me as did Pilate.” You have
already taken one step, tomorrow another. Do you plan to satisfy your
passion in this way? No! It shall soon demand more.
As you have not had the courage to fight your own nature in this small
thing, much less will you have it later when the occasion shall be greater.
ook at Me, My dear ones. Letting Myself be led with the meekness of
a lamb to the terrible torture of the scourging. On My Body, already
covered with blows and overwhelmed with fatigue, the executioners
cruelly discharge terrible lashes with braided rope, with rods. I am
punished with so much violence that that there was no part of Me which
was not prey to the most terrible pain. The blows and the kicks caused
immeasurable wounds… The rods tore away pieces of My skin and flesh.
Blood oozed from all My members. Time after time I fell because of the
pain caused by the blows to My manliness. My Body was in such a state
that I resembled a monster more than a man. The features of My face had
lost their shape; it was all swollen.
The thought of so many souls, who later were going to be inspired to
follow My footsteps, consumed Me with Love.
While in prison I saw the faithful imitators learning from My meekness,
patience, and serenity. Not only to accept the suffering and scorns, but
even loving those who persecute them and, if necessary, sacrificing
themselves for them as I sacrificed Myself.
During those hours of solitude in the midst of so much pain, I became
inflamed, more and more, in My desire of perfectly completing My
Father’s Will. How I offered Myself in reparation of His deeply offended
Glory! Thus you, religious souls who find yourselves in the chosen prison
for love, who more than once pass in the eyes of others as useless and
possibly harmful creatures, do not be afraid. Let them shout against you
and, during those hours of pain and solitude, unite your heart intimately
background image
with your God, the only object of your love. Repair His Glory violated by
so many sins.
t dawn Caiaphas ordered them to take Me to Pilate so that he might
pronounce the sentence of death. Pilate questioned Me, hoping to
find a reason to condemn Me, but at the same time his conscience
tormented him and he felt great fear at the injustice that he was going to
commit. Finally he found a way to ignore Me and had Me taken to Herod.
In Pilate are faithfully represented the souls who feel the movement of
grace and at the same time their own passion, who are dominated by
human respect and blinded by self love, and who allow the grace to pass
for fear of being mocked.
I did not answer any of Pilate’s questions. But when he asked: “Are You
the King of the Jews?”, then with seriousness and integrity, I answered:
“You have said so, I am the King, but My kingdom is not of this world…”
With these words I wanted to teach many souls how, when they are
presented with the opportunity to endure suffering or a humiliation that
could easily be avoided, they should answer with generosity: “My
kingdom is not of this world…”. That is, I am not searching to be praised
by men. My Home is not this one, yet I will rest where it really is. Now, be
encouraged to fulfill My duty without taking into account the opinion of
the world. What matters is not their esteem but to follow the voice of
grace that drowns the lures of nature. If I am not able to conquer alone, I
will ask for strength and counsel since, on many occasions, passions and
excessive pride blind the soul and impel it to act wrongly.
The executioners who destroy My Body are not ten nor twenty. There are
many hands that hurt My Body; receiving Communion in the hands - the
sacrilegious work of Satan!
How can they contemplate Me in this sea of pain and bitterness without
their hearts being moved with compassion? But it is not the executioners
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who have to console but you, chosen souls, so that My pain may be
alleviated. Contemplate My wounds and see if there is anyone who has
suffered as much as I, to show you their love.
n the Will of Father I have lived days of intense sadness without
complaining but accepting what the Father wanted to make Me feel.
When I was apprehended in the Garden, My accusers were quick with
every lie and I, without the least resistance, allowed them to take Me to
wherever they wanted to. And when they wanted to encircle My Head
with the crown of thorns, I bowed My Head without resistance, because I
took everything from the hands of He who had sent Me into the world.
When the arms of those cruel men were exhausted by the force of
discharging blows against My Body, they placed over My head the crown
woven with branches of thorns, and parading before Me they said: “So
you are King? We salute you!”
Some spat at Me; others insulted Me; others discharged new blows against
My head, each one adding a new pain to My Body, so hurt and destroyed.
I am tired; I have nowhere to rest. Lend Me your heart and your arms to
cover Myself in your love. I am cold and feverish; embrace Me for an
instant before they continue destroying this temple of Love.
The soldiers and executioners, with their dirty hands, push My Body, and
others with disgust for My Blood, push Me with their lances and reopen
My flesh. With a shove they seat Me on sharp stones; I cry in silence
because of the pain. In a grotesque way, they make fun of My tears.
Finally they tear My temples, forcing down the crown woven of thorny
Consider how with that crown, I wanted to make reparation for the sin of
pride of so many souls who, wishing to be excessively praised, let
themselves be influenced by the false opinions of the world. Above all, I
allowed them to crown My Head with thorns. My Head suffered cruelly
background image
this way in order to make reparation through voluntary humility for the
loathing and proud pretense of so many souls. Souls who because they
judge it unworthy of their condition and status, refuse to follow the path
set by My Providence.
No path is humiliating when it is planned by the Will of God… In vain
you intend to fool yourselves, thinking of following the Will of God and in
full submission of whatever He asks of you.
There are people in the world who, when the moment of decision arrives
(to undertake a new type of life), reflect and examine the desires of their
hearts. Maybe they will find, in him or her with whom they plan to unite,
the solid foundations for a Christian and pious life. Perhaps they will see
that they will follow their family duties in a way necessary to satisfy their
wishes of happiness. But vanity and pride come to obscure their spirit and
they let themselves be pulled by the desire of being prominent and
showing off. Then they do their best to look for someone, who being
richer or of high class, to satisfy their ambition. O! How stubbornly they
blind themselves. No, I will tell them, you will not find real happiness in
this world and I hope that you will find it in the next. Watch out, you are
putting yourself in great danger!
I will also talk to the souls to whom I call to the path of perfection. How
many illusions are in those who tell Me that they are ready to do My Will
and then they pierce My Head with the thorns of My Crown.
Respectively, there are souls whom I want for Myself. Knowing them and
loving them, I want to place them where I live, in My infinite wisdom,
where they will find all that is necessary to reach sanctity. It is there where
I will make Myself known to them, and where they will give Me more
comfort, more love, and more souls.
But, so many deceptions! So many souls are blinded with pride and
arrogance for mere ambition. They fill their heads with vain and useless
thoughts; they refuse to follow the path that lays out My Love.
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Souls whom I have chosen, do you think that you fulfill My Will by
resisting the voice of the grace that calls you and guides you along that
path which your pride rejects?
My daughter, love of My sorrows, console Me. Make a throne in your
small heart for your King and Savior and crown Me with kisses.
Crowned with thorns and covered with a purple mantle, the soldiers
presented Me again to Pilate. Not finding in Me a crime for which to
punish Me, Pilate asked Me several questions, asking Me why I did not
answer him knowing that he had all power over Me.
Then, breaking My silence I told him: ”You would not have that power if
you had not received it from above, but it is necessary that the Scriptures
be carried out.” And, abandoning Myself to My Celestial Father, I was
silent again.
ilate was looking for ways to free Me. He was worried because of his
wife’s warning and confused between the guilt of his conscience and
the fear that the people would initiate a riot against him. In the pitiable
state in which I found Myself, he exposed Me to the sight of the mob
proposing that he give Me liberty and condemn Barabbas, a famous thief
and murderer, in My place. The people answered in one voice: “Let him
die and have Barabbas set free!”
Souls who love Me, see how they have compared Me to a criminal, how
they have lowered Me more than the most perverse of men. Listen to the
furious shouts projected against Me. See with what fury they ask for My
death. Did I refuse to go through such shameful confrontation? No, on the
contrary, I embraced it for My Love of souls and to show them that this
Love did not only take Me to death, but to the most ignominious death…
However, do not believe that My human nature did not feel revulsion nor
pain. On the contrary, I wanted to feel all its revulsion, and be subject to
its same condition, giving you an example that will give you strength in
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every circumstance in life and teach you to conquer the revulsion to what
you are offered when it is a question of fulfilling the Divine Will.
I return to the souls I was talking about yesterday… those souls called to
the state of perfection, who discuss with grace and retreat when faced with
the humility of the path that I show them, fearing how they will be judged
by the world or as they assess their capabilities, convince themselves that
they will be more useful somewhere else to My service and for My Glory.
I will respond to those souls: Tell Me, did I refuse or even hesitate when I
saw Myself being born at night to poor and humble parents in a stable, far
from My Home and Country in the harshest season of the year?
Afterwards I lived thirty years fulfilling the hidden and gloomy occupation
in the workshop: I went through humiliations and scorns from the people
who requested work done by Joseph, My father. I did not detest helping
My Mother in the most menial of tasks in the house. Nonetheless, did I not
have more talent than that required for the rough work of a carpenter? I,
who at the age of twelve, taught Doctors in the Temple… But it was the
Will of My Celestial Father and, thus, I glorified Him. When I left
Nazareth and started My public life, I could have had Myself known as the
Messiah and Son of God, so that men would listen to My teachings with
veneration, but I did not do it because My only wish was to do My
Father’s Will…
And when the time of My Passion came, through the cruelty of some and
the insults of others, the abandonment of My own and the ingratitude of
the mob, through the unspeakable martyrdom of My Body and the
revulsion of My soul, see how with greater love, I was still revealing and
embracing the Will of My Celestial Father.
Thus when overcoming difficulties and revulsion, the soul generously
submits itself to the Will of God. There comes a moment in which,
intimately united to Him, the soul enjoys the most indescribable
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What I have said to the souls who loathe the humble and hidden life, I
repeat to those who are called to a constant contact with the world when,
on the contrary, their preference would be toward complete solitude and
humble and hidden work.
Chosen souls, your happiness and perfection does not consist in following
the taste of your preference and inclinations of nature, in being known or
unknown by creatures, in using or hiding the talent you have, but rather in
uniting and conforming yourselves through love and with total submission
to God’s Will, to that which is asked of you for His Glory and your own
Enough for today, My little daughter, love and embrace My Will joyfully;
you know that it is always done for love.
Meditate for a moment upon the unspeakable martyrdom of My Heart,
upon seeing it put behind Barabbas. How I remembered then My Mother’s
tenderness when she embraced Me against her Heart! And how vivid were
the anxieties and fatigue that My adoptive father suffered to show Me his
love. How I remembered the benefits I so freely poured over thankless
people: giving sight to the blind, giving the sick their health, the use of
their limbs to those who had lost them, feeding the crowds, and
resurrecting the dead. Now to see Myself reduced to the most despicable
state! I am the most hated of men, and I am being condemned to death like
an infamous thief.
ilate has pronounced sentence. My little children, consider attentively
how My Heart suffered…
After Judas surrendered Me in the Garden of Olives, he wandered off and
ran away as a fugitive without being able to silence the shouts of his
conscience, which accused him of the most horrible sacrilege. When the
news of My death sentence reached his ears, he gave in to the most terrible
despair and hung himself.
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Who will be able to understand the intense pain in My Heart when I saw
that soul throw himself to eternal damnation? He who had spent three
years in the School of My Love learning My doctrine, receiving My
teaching, and many times hearing My lips forgive the greatest sinners.
Judas! Why do you not come and throw yourself at My feet so that I may
forgive you? If you do not dare to come near Me for fear of those who
surround Me and treat Me so badly, at least look at Me and you will see
how soon My eyes will look at you.
Souls, who are entangled in the greatest sins… If at times you have lived
wandering as fugitives because of your crimes, if the sins of which you are
guilty have blinded you and hardened your hearts, if by pursuing some
passion you have fallen into greater disorder, do not allow desperation to
take possession of you when the accomplices of your sin abandon you and
your soul realizes its blame. As long as man has an instant of life, he still
has time to appeal to My Mercy and implore forgiveness.
If you are young and the scandals of your past life have left you in a state
of degradation before men, do not be afraid! Even when the world may
despise you, treat you as evil people, insult you, and abandon you, be
certain that your God does not want your soul to be fodder for the flames
of hell. He wants you to dare to speak to Him, to direct your gaze and
sighs of your heart at Him, and you will soon see that His kind and
paternal hand leads you to the source of forgiveness and of life.
If out of malice you have perhaps spent a greater part of your life in
disorder and indifference, and now near eternity, desperation wants to
blindfold your eyes, do not let it deceive you. There is still time for
forgiveness. Listen carefully: if you have but a second of life, take
advantage of it because you could gain eternal life during that second.
If your existence has passed away in ignorance and in error, if you have
been the cause of great harm to men, to society, and even to religion, and
for any reason you perceive your mistake, do not allow yourself to be
brought down by the weight of faults nor by the harm for which you have
been an instrument. But, on the contrary, allow your soul to be penetrated
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with the deepest sorrow, plunge yourself in trust and turn to the One who
is always waiting to forgive you.
The same is true for a soul who has spent the first years of its life in
faithful observance of My Commandments, but has little by little fallen
from fervor into a lukewarm and comfortable life…
Do not hide anything that I tell you, for it is all for the benefit of the whole
of humanity. Repeat it in broad daylight; preach it to those who truly want
to hear it.
The soul who one day receives a strong jolt that wakes it up, all of a
sudden sees its useless life, empty and without merits for eternity. The Evil
One, with infernal jealousy, attacks it in a thousand ways, exaggerating its
faults. He inspires in it sadness and loss of heart, and finally drives it to
fear and despair.
Soul that belongs to Me, do not pay attention to the cruel enemy. As soon
as you feel the movement of grace at the beginning of your battle, come to
My Heart. Feel and watch how it pours a drop of its Blood over your soul,
and come to Me. You know where I am, under the veil of faith… Lift it
and, with complete confidence, tell Me all your sorrows, your miseries,
your falls… Listen to My words with respect and do not fear for the past.
My Heart has submerged it in the endless depths of My Mercy and My
Your past life will give you the humility that will fill you. And if you want
to give Me the best proof of love, trust Me and count on My forgiveness.
Believe that your sins shall never be greater than My endless Mercy.
et us continue, My little daughter. Follow Me on the way to Calvary,
overwhelmed under the weight of the Cross….
While My Heart was absorbed with sadness for the eternal loss of Judas,
the cruel executioners, insensitive to My pain, put over My wounded
background image
shoulders the hard and heavy Cross on which I was to consummate the
mystery of the Redemption of the world.
Contemplate Me, Angels from Heaven. See the Creator of all the marvels;
the God to whom all the heavenly spirits render adoration; the God
walking towards Calvary and carrying on His shoulders the holy and
blessed log; the God who is going to receive His last breath.
Also look at Me, you souls who wish to be My faithful imitators. My
Body, destroyed by so much torture, walks without strength, bathed in
sweat and Blood… I suffer, without anyone being sorry for My pain! The
mob walks with Me and there is not a single person who feels pity for Me.
They all surround Me like hungry wolves, wanting to devour their prey…
All the demons came out of hell to make My suffering worse.
The fatigue that I feel is so great and the Cross so heavy that half-way
through, I fall. See how those inhuman men lift Me up in the most brutal
manner. One takes Me by the arm, another pulls My clothes that are stuck
to My wounds, tearing them open again… This one grabs Me by the neck,
the other by the hair, others discharge with their fists and even with their
feet terrible blows all over My Body. The Cross falls over Me and with its
weight causes new wounds. My face brushes over the stones on the path
and the blood which runs down My face sticks to My eyes that are almost
closed because of the blows they have received; the dust and the mud
mingle with the blood and I am turned into the most repugnant object.
My Father sends Angels to help Me support Myself so that My Body does
not lose consciousness when it falls, so that the battle may not be won
before its time and all My souls are lost.
I walk over the stones that destroy My feet. I stumble and fall time and
time again. I look at both sides of the road, searching for a small look of
love, of surrender, of union with My pain, but… I do not see anyone.
My children, you who follow in My footsteps, do not let go of your cross
even if it seems so heavy. Do it for Me. In carrying your cross, you will
help Me carry Mine, and on the difficult path, you will find My Mother
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and the holy souls who will give you support and comfort. Continue with
Me for a few moments, and a few steps ahead you will see Me in the
presence of My Holy Mother who, with her Heart pierced by pain, comes
out to meet Me for two reasons: to get more strength to suffer at the sight
of her God and, with her heroic attitude, to give her Son encouragement to
continue His work of Redemption.
Consider the martyrdom of these two Hearts. What My Mother loves most
is her Son… She cannot ease My pains and she knows that her visit will
make My sufferings much worse, but it will also increase My strength to
fulfill the Will of the Father.
My Mother is My most beloved being on earth, and not only can I not
console her, but the sad state in which she sees Me causes her heart a
suffering as deep as Mine. She allows a sob to escape. She receives in her
heart the death that I suffer in My Body. O, how her eyes are fixed on Me
and Mine on her! We do not utter a single word, but our Hearts say many
things in this painful gaze.
Yes, My Mother witnessed all the tortures of My Passion, which through
Divine revelation were presented to her spirit. Several disciples, even
though they remained far for fear of the Jews, tried to find out everything
and would inform My Mother… When she found out that the death
sentence had already been given, she departed to meet Me and did not
abandon Me until they placed Me in the grave.
am on My way to Calvary. Those wicked men, fearing to see Me die
before reaching the end, look for someone to help Me carry the Cross,
and from the vicinity they seized a man called Simon.
Look at him behind Me, helping Me carry the Cross, and above all
consider two things: this man lacks good will, and is a mercenary because
if he comes and shares with Me the weight of the Cross, it is because he
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has been requisitioned. For that reason, when he feels too tired, he lets the
weight fall more on Me and thus, I fall to the ground twice.
This man helps Me carry part of the Cross but not My entire Cross.
There are souls that walk this way behind Me. They accept to help Me
carry My Cross but they still worry about comfort and rest. Many others
agree to follow Me and, with this end, they have embraced the perfect life.
But they do not abandon their self-interests, which keep on being, in many
cases, their priority. That is why they falter and drop My Cross when it
weighs upon them too much. They look to suffer in the least possible way,
they measure their self-denial, evade humiliation and fatigue as much as
possible, and, remembering perhaps with sorrow, those whom they left
behind, they try to obtain for themselves certain comforts and pleasures.
In a word, there are souls who are so selfish and egotistical that they have
come, more for themselves than for Me, in pursuit of Me. They resign
themselves only to give what bothers them and what they cannot put
aside… They help Me carry only a very small part of My Cross, and in
such a manner that they can hardly acquire the indispensable merits for
their salvation. But in eternity, they will see how far they have left the path
that they should have traveled.
On the contrary, there are souls, and not few, who, moved by their desire
for salvation but mainly for the love inspired by the vision of what I have
suffered for them, decide to follow Me on the path to Calvary. They
embrace the perfect life and give themselves to My service, not to help Me
carry just a part of the Cross but all of it. Their only desire is to give Me
rest and to console Me. They offer themselves to everything that My Will
asks of them, searching for anything that can please Me. They do not think
about the merits or the reward that awaits them, nor the tiredness or the
suffering that will follow. The only thing they are aware of is the love that
they can show Me, and the comfort they give Me…
If My Cross is presented as an illness, if it is hidden under a job contrary
to their inclinations and of little agreement with their abilities; if it comes
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accompanied by the absence of the people that surround them, they
accepted it with total submission.
O! These are the souls that truly carry My Cross; they adore it. They take
advantage of it, to make sure of My Glory without any other interest or
payment other than My Love. They are the ones that consider Me and
Glorify Me.
If you do not see the product of your sufferings, of your self-denial, or if
you see it later, be certain that they have not been in vain and fruitless, but,
on the contrary, the fruit shall be abundant.
The soul who truly loves, does not keep count of how much it has suffered
or worked, nor does it expect this or that reward, but it only searches for
that which it believes glorifies its God… For Him it spares neither labors
nor weariness. It does not become agitated nor restless, far from it, for it
does not lose its peace if it finds itself thwarted or humiliated because the
only motive for its actions is love, and love abandons the consequences
and the results. This is the goal for the souls who do not seek rewards. The
only thing that they hope for is My Glory, My comfort, My rest, and, for
that reason they have taken My Cross and all the weight that My Will
wants to load upon them.
My children, call Me by My name, for Jesus means everything. I will
wash your feet, those feet that have stepped on a slippery path and are now
wounded by the blows against the rocks. I will wipe away your tears, cure
you, kiss you, and you will remain healthy and know no other path but the
one that leads you to Me.
We are now at Calvary! The mob is excited because the terrible moment is
near… Exhausted by fatigue, I can hardly walk. My feet bleed because of
the stones on the way… Three times I have fallen along the way: one to
give sinners used to sinning the strength to convert; another to encourage
the souls that fall because of being frail, and the souls blinded by sadness
and restlessness, to get up and embark with courage upon the path of
virtue; and the third, to help souls depart from sin at the hour of their
background image
ook with what cruelty these hardened men surround Me. Some pull
the Cross and lay it on the ground; others tear off My clothes that
adhere to the wounds that open again and blood oozes out.
Look, beloved children, at how much shame and confusion I suffer seeing
Myself this way before that immense mob… What pain for My soul!
The executioners tear off My tunic and toss lots for it; this tunic with
which My Mother covered Me with so much care during My childhood,
and had grown in size as I had. What would be My Mother’s sorrow as she
contemplates this scene?
How she would have desired to keep that tunic, now stained and soaked
with My Blood.
But the hour has arrived and the executioners stretching Me on the Cross,
take and pull My arms to make them reach the holes prepared in it. All My
Body is breaking, it swings from side to side and the thorns of the crown
penetrate even deeper into My head. Listen to the first blow of the hammer
that nails My right hand… it resounds to the depths of the earth. Listen
some more… they are nailing My left hand and, at the presence of such a
spectacle, the heavens tremble, and the Angels prostrate themselves. I
keep the most profound silence. Neither a complaint, nor a moan escapes
My lips, but My tears mingle with the Blood that covers My face.
After they have nailed My hands, they cruelly pull My feet… My wounds
open, the nerves in My hands and arms tear, the bones are dislocated…
The pain is intense!
My feet are nailed and My Blood soaks the earth!…
Contemplate for a moment these bloodstained hands and feet… This
naked body, covered with wounds, with urine, and blood. Dirty… This
head punctured by sharp thorns, soaked in sweat, full of dust, and covered
in Blood…
background image
Admire the silence, the patience, and the conformity with which I accept
this suffering. Who suffers like this, a victim of such humiliation? He is
the Son of God! He who made the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that
exists… The One who created man, the One who sustains all with His
infinite power… He is there immobile, despised, stripped, and followed by
a multitude of souls that will abandon: worldly possessions, family,
country, honors, well-being, glory, and whatever may be necessary to give
Him Glory and show Him the love owed Him…
Be attentive, Heavenly Angels, and you too, souls who love Me… The
soldiers are going to turn the cross around, to rivet the nails so that they do
not come out from the weight of My Body and may allow Me to fall. My
Body is going to give the earth the kiss of peace. And while the
hammering rings out through space, at the top of Calvary the most
admirable spectacle is fulfilled… At the request of My Mother who,
contemplating all that was happening and being unable to give Me relief,
implores the Mercy of My Heavenly Father… Legions of Angels come
down to adore My Body, and to sustain it so as not to touch the earth and,
to avoid its being crushed by the weight of the Cross.
Contemplate your Jesus, hanging on the Cross, without being able to make
the slightest movement… naked, without fame, without honor, without
liberty… They have snatched everything from Him! There is no one who
takes pity and feels sorry for His pain! He only receives tortures, ridicule,
and mockery!
If you truly love Me, will you be ready to be like Me? What will you
refuse in order to obey Me, to please Me, to console Me?…
Prostrate yourself to the ground and let Me tell you a few words:
May My Will triumph in you!
May My Love destroy you!
May your misery glorify Me!
background image
y daughter, you have heard and seen My sufferings, accompany Me
till the end and share My pain.
My Cross is now raised. Here is the hour of the Redemption of the world!
I am the spectacle of jeers for the mob… but I am also admired and loved
by the souls. This Cross, up to now an instrument of torture where
criminals expired, is going to be, from now on, the light and peace of the
Sinners will find forgiveness and life in My Holy Scriptures. My Blood
will wash and erase the stains of their sins. The pure souls will come to
My Sacred Wounds to refresh themselves and to burn in My Love. In them
they will take refuge and will make their dwelling forever.
Father, forgive them for they know not what they do, they have not
known the One who is their life… They have unleashed onto Him all
the fury of their iniquities. But I beg of You, O My Father! Release
onto them the power of Your Mercy
Today you will be with Me in Paradise, because your faith in the
Mercy of your Savior has erased your crimes. Mercy leads you to
eternal life
Woman, there is your Son! Mother of Mine, there are My brothers!
Guard them, love them… they are not alone
O, you, for whom I have given My life, you now have a Mother to whom
you can appeal for all your needs. I have united all of you with the tightest
bonds when I gave you My own Mother.
The soul now has a right to say to its God “Why have you forsaken me?”
In effect, after I fulfilled the mystery of Redemption, man has become
God’s son again, brother of Jesus, and inheritor of eternal life…
background image
O Father of Mine… I am thirsty for Your Glory… and the hour has
arrived. From now on, fulfilling My words, the world will know that You
are the One who sent Me, and You will be glorified!
I am thirsty for Your Glory, thirsty for souls… And to quench this thirst, I
have poured out My Blood unto the last drop! For this reason I can say:
All is fulfilled. The great mystery of Love has now been fulfilled; the
mystery for which God surrendered to the world His own Son in order to
give Life back to man… I came to earth to do Your Will, O My Father. It
is now fulfilled!
To Thee I give My soul. In this way the souls who accomplish My Will
can say in truthfulness: “All is consummated…” My Lord and My God,
receive My soul… I place it in Your beloved
I offered My death to My Father for the dying souls, and they will have
Life. In the last cry I gave from the Cross, I embraced all of humanity:
past, present, and future. The piercing spasm with which I released Myself
from earth, was received by My Father with infinite Love, and all of
Heaven exulted for it because My Humanity was entering into Glory. At
the same instant in which I surrendered My Spirit, a multitude of souls met
Me: those who desired Me centuries ago and those who desired Me a few
months or days ago, but all of them desired Me intensely. This single joy
was enough for all the hardships suffered by Me.
You should know that in memory of that joyful meeting, I have decided to
assist the dying and many times do so even visibly. I give them salvation
to honor those who lovingly received Me in Heaven. So pray for these
dying people, because I love them very much. As many times as you offer
the last cry that I gave to the Father, you will be heard because through it,
many souls are given to Me.
It was a moment of joy when all the Heavenly Court, who had
vibrantly gathered together to await My death, was presented to Me.
But among all the souls who surrounded Me, one was particularly
overwhelmed, overwhelmed so much, that it sparkled in joy, in love…
It was Joseph who, more then anyone else, understood the Glory I had
background image
acquired after such hard battles. He led all the souls who were waiting
for Me; he was granted to be My first Ambassador to Limbo. The
Angels, in their order, rendered Me honor in such a way that My
Humanity, already resplendent, was surrounded by innumerable
Saints who exalted and adored Me
My children, there are no glorious crosses on earth; they are all wrapped in
mystery, in darkness, in exasperation. In mystery, because you do not
understand it; in darkness, because it confuses the mind; and in
exasperation, because it strikes exactly in places where it does not want to
Do not lament; do not delay. I tell you that not only did I carry the wooden
cross that led Me to Glory, but, above all, that invisible but permanent
Cross that was formed by the crosses of your sins. Yes, and of your
sufferings. Everything that you suffer was the object of My sorrows, for I
not only suffered to give you Redemption, but also for what you should
suffer today. Look at the love that unites Me to you; in it have the
confirmation of My Holy Will and unite yourselves to Me, observing how
I acted among limitless bitterness.
I have taken as a symbol a piece of wood, a cross. I have carried it with
great love, for the good of all. I have suffered real affliction so that
everyone could be joyful with Me. But today, how many believe in Him
who truly loved you and loves you? Contemplate Me in the image of the
Christ who cries and bleeds. There and in this way the world has Me.
oly Friday was followed by the glorious dawn of the Sunday of the
Resurrection. If I have decided not to destroy the world, it means
that I want to renew it and rejuvenate it. The old trees need to lose their
leaves and be pruned so that they can give new sprouts. And the old
branches, the dry leaves, are to be burned.
background image
Separate the young goats from the lambs, so that they can find ready and
well prepared fertile pastures where they can appease their taste and drink
from the clean fountains of water of Salvation… It is My redeeming Blood
that waters the arid lands that have become the deserts of the world of
souls. And this Blood will always run over the earth as long as there is one
man to save.
Beloved spouse, I desire what you do not want, but I can do what you
could not obtain. Your mission is to have Me loved by souls, and to teach
them to live with Me. I have not died on the Cross, and gone through a
thousand tortures to populate Hell with souls, but rather, to populate
Heaven with chosen ones.
God the Father
see My Son, trembling in the shadows of Gethsemane, coming down
from Heaven and taking the shape and substance of My creature, who
thought and still thinks he can rebel against his Creator. The man, that
lonely and confused man, is the designated victim, and as such, with His
own Blood, has had to cleanse all of humanity which He represents. He
trembles and is horrified at feeling Himself covered, even seeing Himself
dominated, by the inconceivable mass of sins that had to be taken from the
darkened consciences of millions and millions of dirty creatures.
Poor Son of Mine, Love has taken You to this and now you are frightened
by it. Who should Glorify You in Heaven when, radiantly, you come back
to it? Can any creature give You praise worthy of You, love worthy of
You? And what is the praise and love of man, of millions of men, in
comparison with the Love in which You have accepted the most
tremendous of tests that could ever exist on earth? No, My beloved Son,
nobody but Your Father could equal You in Love, nobody but I, who in
My Spirit of Love, can praise and Love You for Your sacrifice that night.
You have reached, beloved Son of Mine in whom I rest all My
benevolence, the spasm of death by surviving the very bitter agony in the
background image
Garden. You have reached, in the sphere of Your humanity real and
whole, the height of the great passion that a human heart can have: to
suffer for the offences done to Me, but to suffer for them with the purest
and intense Love that there is in You. Trembling, You have reached the
limit through which humanity should reach complete Redemption. You,
beloved Son, have conquered with a bloody sweat, not only Your brothers’
souls, but even more, Your own personal Glory that should elevate You,
man, equal with Me, God like You.
You have drawn in Me the most perfect Justice, and the most perfect Love.
At that time they represented the scum of the world, and You became it
through Your voluntary and free acceptance. You are now, among all, My
honor, glory, and joy. You were not My offender, not You. You have
always been My Beloved Son, in whom I have placed My pleasures. You
were not the scum because even then I saw You as You have always been:
My Light, My Word, that is, Myself. Son, You, who trembled and
succumbed for My honor, deserved that your Father make You known to
the world, to that blind world, which offends Us and even then is so loved
by Us!
O, Beloved Son, I see You and will always see You in that night of Your
bitterness, and I have You always in mind! Because of Your love I am
reconciled to the creatures and with the creatures. You could not raise Your
face to Me; it was so covered with their faults. Now, to please You, I make
them raise their faces to Us so that by a glimpse of Your Light, they
remain captives of Our Love.
Now, My Son, always so beloved, I will do what I told You then in the
shadow of Gethsemane, and they will be great things to give You joy and
background image
The Blessed Mother
any prophets spoke about me: they prophesied that it was necessary
for me to suffer to become worthy of being the Mother of God. On
earth they anticipated knowledge of me but it had to be in a very guarded
way. Later the Evangelists talked about me, especially Luke, my beloved
physician - more of souls than of bodies. Afterwards some devotions were
started that had as a basis the sorrows and pains I suffered. And thus it is
commonly believed and thought that I experienced seven main sorrows.
My children, your Mother has rewarded and will reward the efforts and
love that you have had for me. But as Jesus did, I want to talk to you more
extensively about my sorrows. Then, you will talk to your brethren about
them, and at last everyone will imitate Me. Because of what I suffered, I
am continuously praising Jesus and seek nothing but only that He be
glorified in me.
See, little children, it is sad to talk about these things to my own children,
because every mother keeps her sorrows to herself. And this I dutifully did
in the course of my mortal life; therefore, my wish as a mother has been
respected by God. Now that I am here, where the smile is eternal, and
having, as all mothers, already concealed the sorrows that I experienced, I
should talk about them so that as my children you may know something
about my life.
I know the fruits that you will gain from it and how they please Jesus, My
beloved Son. I will talk about them as soon as you can understand me.
My Jesus said, “Whoever is first, make yourself last”, and He truly did it
because He is the first in the House of God, but He came down to the last
step. Now, because of love, I will not take away from Him this first and
last place that belongs to Him. Rather, I strive to make you understand this
background image
truth, and my joy will be greater when you are convinced, not through the
path of simple knowledge but through means of a deep-rooted and
profound conviction. May He be first and we the last.
If He was the first, there should be a second one in the ladder of love and
glory and; therefore, of lowliness and humiliation. You have now
understood: that being should be me. Little children, praise God who
having created an enormous distance between Jesus and me, still wanted
to place me immediately next to Him.
My children, what appears to the world is not what is most important
before God. Having been chosen Mother of God implied for me grave
sacrifices and resignations, and the first one was this: knowing through
Gabriel the election made in the intimacy of God. I had wanted to remain
in a state of humble knowledge and concealment in God. I wanted this
more than anything else because it was my delight to know myself as last
in everything.
Upon knowing the choice of God, I answered, as you know, but it was
difficult to rise up to the dignity for which I was called.
Little children, do you understand my first sorrow of which I speak?
Reflect on it, give your Mother the great delight of esteeming that
humbleness which I so much esteemed above my virginity. Yes, I was and
am the slave to whom anything can be asked of, and I accepted only
because my surrender was the same degree as my love.
You enjoyed, O God, elevating me to You, and I enjoyed accepting
because my obedience was pleasing to You. But You know how sorrowful
it was for me, and that same sorrow is now before You in need of light for
these children, whom You love and whom I love. I am the slave, O
Children of mine, and as it was done unto me, let it now, without doubt, be
done to you all that God wants!
The acceptance gave God the answer that will give men access to the
Redemption, and in this was verified that admirable phrase: “Here is a
background image
Virgin who shall conceive and give birth to a Son who shall be called
The acceptance to become the Mother of Emmanuel, involved my gift to
the Son of God in such a way that His Mother would bestow herself to
Him, before the Humanity of Jesus would form in me. That is why my gift
was the result of the Grace, and also the reason for the Grace. And the
precedence should be recognized that God is the foremost reason;
nevertheless, it should be affirmed that my acceptance acted in the plan of
Grace as an accompanying reason.
They call me Co-Redemptrix for the sorrows I have suffered; but I was so,
even before, because of the gift I had made through Gabriel. O, my divine
Son! How much honor you have wanted to give your Mother in
compensation for the great sorrow I suffered in rising to the dignity of
your Mother!
You, little children, are blind in the world, but when you see, wonderful
things will become incentives for your joy for me. You will see what unity
of glory and humility there is here where my Jesus is the sun that is never
hidden. You will see how wise a design was carried out through my
renouncement, to the lowliness of hiding.
But now, hear me. As my maternity was advancing, I had to talk to some
of my loved ones about the honor I had received and I did so concealing as
much as I could. I lamented the renounced triumph of the secret in God
because God Himself should be glorified in me.
However, very soon I had the joy of knowing that I was considered as a
woman amongst many. My soul rejoiced because the Slave of God, who
wanted humiliations as only I could, was being trampled on before the
world. When Joseph hid, I did not suffer, I truly rejoiced. Do not say that
I suffered then because that is not true.
That was how God satisfied my desire for humiliations. This was the
Lord’s compensation for becoming the Mother of God: to be considered as
a fallen woman. Daughter, learn the knowledge of love, learn to esteem
background image
holy humility, and do not fear because it is a virtue that shines with
sparkling light.
When the marriage took place, I had no problems. I knew how things
would be and I feared nothing. Indeed, God gives, to those who give
themselves entirely to Him, a perfect place in the most inconsistent
situations, as was mine: I was forced by human obligation to marry a man,
even when I knew that I could belong only to God.
I suffered so many sorrows on earth! It is not easy being Mother of the
Highest, I assure you. But neither can it be called difficult that which is
done for the purest of ends and to be pleasing to God. Remember it!
Have you ever thought what it was that caused me the most sorrow on that
Holy Night in Bethlehem? You distract your mind with the stable, with the
manger, and with the poverty. I, on the other hand, tell you that I spent
that night in complete ecstasy of my Son. And even though I had to do
what every mother does with her small child, I did not abandon my
ecstasy, my bliss. And so, the only thing that caused me sorrow that night
of love was seeing the affliction of my poor Joseph on looking for a
refuge, any place, for me. Conscious of what was to happen and Who
would come to earth, my beloved husband, on seeing that I was confused,
became anguished and I felt much sympathy for him. Later, we were filled
with joy and we forgot every worry.
We fled to Egypt and all that is possible has been said about this, even
though some center their imagination upon the fatigue of the journey more
than upon the fear of a mother who knew that she possessed the greatest
treasure in Heaven and Earth.
Later living in Nazareth, little Jesus was growing up full of life and, at that
time, He caused us few and minimum worries. Every mother knows what
it is like to wish for the health of her own child, and how a very simple
thing looks like a great dark cloud. My Boy went through all the
epidemics and childhood illnesses of those times. Like every mother, I
could not be immune to any of the anxieties that a mother’s heart goes
background image
But one day the very dark cloud that darkened the festive light of the
Mother of God arrived. That cloud is called losing Jesus… No poet or
master of the spirit could imagine Mary when she knew that she had lost
her adored Son and had no news of Him until three days later… Little
children, do not be amazed at my words, I experienced the greatest
confusion of my life. You have not reflected enough on those words of
mine: “Son, your father and I have been looking for you for three days.
Why have You done this to us?” My God, now that I speak to these
beloved children, I cannot stop praising You. You who hid to make us feel
the delight of finding You. O! In what other way could it be possible to
know the sweetness that a glass full of honey puts in the soul as when she
embraces her All?
You see, I also tell you about my joys; but not without reason do I relate
and join together the joys and sorrows. Draw benefits, in the best way
possible, from all that happened. God hides in order to be found. Some
know this truth, others thinking about that terrible sorrow of having lost
Jesus, do everything to find Him. You should not stay inert and
Your Mother would like to save you from dealing with so much that is still
to be said. First, there are things never announced and; therefore, not yet
appreciated. Secondly, by knowing them, you will have to join me in
suffering and painful considerations. Moreover, everything that my Jesus
wants, has been said without any opposition whatsoever.
Do you think that I spent our family life peacefully in Nazareth? It was
peaceful in virtue of the uniformity with the love of God. But from the
creatures, there was so much trouble!
Our unique way of living was noticed, and as a result we were ridiculed
publicly. I was considered excessive because of the fact that when Jesus
left the house, I could not contain My tears, and Jesus went out frequently.
Joseph was harassed as if he were a slave to Jesus and me. What could the
world understand? We left all the care to the One who lived amongst us,
adored in all His manifestations.
background image
What a beloved Son that young Boy was; more handsome than the sea,
wiser than Solomon, and stronger than Samson. All the mothers would
have taken Him away from me; such was the charm that surrounded Him.
The small minded covered me with soothing judgments; however, they did
not spare criticism toward the never tiring father whom they thought was
subject to his faithful but jealous wife. Everyone was familiar with my
wholeness, but they all thought it to be a common and selfish passion.
This, my little children, is what is not known. This happened between a
world that could not see nor understand, and His purest Mother. Jesus kept
quiet, without encouraging me, because the Mother of God had to go
through the crucible, that is, as one woman amongst many from whom
opinions should not be spared.
Admire the Wisdom of God in these things and find the Divine meaning,
which joins the greatest of sublimity to the tests that are more painful in
relation with such sublimity, because every abyss calls upon another abyss
and every depth calls upon its depth.
The hour of separation has come, the hour for Jesus’ action. With it, the
feared day of the departure from Nazareth arrived.
Jesus had spoken extensively to me of His mission and of the fruits that it
would give Him and everyone; He had made me love it beforehand. It
was necessary, therefore, for us to separate, even if for a short time… He
said goodbye, kissed us, and went forward to His mission as teacher of
humanity. But His departure did not go unnoticed in the small village
where Jesus was so loved.
There were gestures of affection, of blessings and, since they did not know
the good that Jesus was going to do, a loss was foreseen by these people of
small intellect but generous at heart.
And I, amongst so many manifestations, how did I feel? A thousand
affections rushed upon me, but He did not delay His departure by a
minute. My Jesus knew what awaited Him after His preaching. He had
told me so many times and so profusely of the treachery of the Pharisees
background image
and the others. And now you see Him leaving, alone without me to fulfill
His mandate; without me who had made Him grow with the warmth of my
heart; without me who adored Him like no one would ever adore Him!
Later I followed Him. I found Him when he was surrounded by so many
people that it was not possible for me to see Him. And He, truly the Son of
God, gave His Mother a sublime answer as was His wisdom, but it pierced
this maternal heart from side to side. Yes I understood Him completely,
but that did not free me from sorrows. To the human relationship, He
countered the Divine in which I was included, it is true; nevertheless, the
remarks of the others hurt Me.
The initial blow was followed by the joy of seeing His greatness, of seeing
Him honored, venerated, and loved by the people; and quickly this wound
also healed.
I traveled the paths with Him, enthralled with His knowledge, comforted
with His teachings, and I never tired of loving and admiring Him.
Then came His first friction with the Sanhedrin. The miracle happened:
the miracle that raised so much ado in the minds of the proud Jewish
priests. He was hated, persecuted, spied upon, and tempted. And I? I knew
everything and from then on, with open arms, I offered the holocaust of
my Son, His surrender, and His horrible and ignominious death into the
hands of the Father. I already knew about Judas; I knew the tree from
which the wood would be taken for my Son’s Cross.
You cannot imagine the intimate tragedy that I lived together with my
Jesus, in order for the Redemption to be fulfilled.
I had said before: Co-redemptrix. For this, the usual sorrows were not
enough. A more intimate union to His great suffering was necessary, so
that all men should be redeemed. So, as I went from town to town with
Him, I became more and more informed about the heartbroken cries that
My Son poured out during so many sleepless nights that He spent in
prayer and meditation. Before me every state of mind of His was revealed
and truly my Calvary and my Cross began then.
background image
So many considerations increased my sorrows each day that I was His
Mother and yours! So many sins, all the sins; so much sorrow, all the
sorrows; so many thorns, all the thorns; Jesus was not alone. He knew it,
and felt it. He saw His Mother in continuous union with Him. He was
afflicted by it, more so, because my suffering was for Him the greatest
My Son, my adored Son, if only these sons and daughters knew what
happened then between You and me!…
And the hour of the holocaust came after the sweetness of the Paschal
Supper. And after that, I had to rejoin the people. I, who loved and adored
Him in a unique way, had to be far from Him. Do you understand, O my
I knew that Judas was taking his treacherous steps and there was nothing I
could do; and I knew that Jesus had sweated Blood in the Garden and
there was nothing I could do for Him. Then they arrested Him, insulted
Him, and wickedly condemned Him.
I cannot tell you everything. I shall only say that my Heart was in turmoil
with continuous anxiety; a seat of continuous bitterness, uncertainties, a
place of desolation, tired and disconsolate. And all the souls that later
would be lost? And all the simony and sacrilegious interchanges?
O children of my sorrows! If today you were given the graces of suffering
for me, bless the One who gave them to you with fervor, and sacrifice
yourselves without doubt.
You think about my greatness, my beloved children. It helps you to think
about it; but listen to me: do not think about me, but about Him. I would
like to be forgotten, if it were possible! Give all your compassion to Him,
to my Jesus, to your Jesus, to Jesus, your love and mine.
Thus, little children, the sorrow of my Heart was a continuous sword that
pierced my soul, my life. I felt it, while Jesus did not. He comforted me
with His Resurrection, when my immense joy suddenly healed all the
wounds that bled within me. “My Son,“ I kept repeating. Why so much
background image
desolation? Your Mother is near You. Is my love not enough? How many
times did I comfort You in Your afflictions? And now, can Your Mother
not give You some relief? O Father of my Jesus, I do not want anything
more than what You want. You know it; but see if so many afflictions can
have some relief. The Mother of Your Son asks this from You.
And now on Calvary I protested: “My God, return to those eyes that I
adore the light that you imprinted in them since the day that You gave Him
to me! Divine Father, see the horror of that holy face! Can you not at least
wipe away so much Blood? O Father of My Son, O Spouse my love, O
You Yourself, Word who wanted to have humanity from me! May the
prayer of those arms opened up to Heaven and on earth be the supplication
of His and my acceptance!
Look, O God, to what that One whom You love has been reduced to! It is
His Mother who asks You to alleviate so much sadness. After a short time,
I will be without Him. Thus my promise, which I offered from my Heart
when in the Temple, will be fulfilled entirely. Yes, I will remain alone, but
lighten His pain without attending to mine…
esus gave Saint Faustina extraordinary promises of graces for
those who would recite the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. This
devotion uses ordinary rosary beads and begins with an Our Father,
Hail Mary and the Apostles Creed. On the large bead before each
decade of the Rosary say:
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and
Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.
On the ten small beads of each decade say:
background image
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and
on the whole world.
After praying for five decades, conclude by saying three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy
on us and on the whole world.

For a FREE FLYER of the Novena to the Divine Mercy, send a stamped, self-
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Available Books of Catalina
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Mercy of God. As part of its mission, this organization distributes with
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contents of these books of Catalina have been reviewed by Catholic
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Holy Hour: A beautiful devotion to read and pray before the Blessed
Sacrament that was dictated by the Virgin Mary to Catalina. A reader can
see and experience the great love that the Mother of God has for this most
blessed of Sacraments. This book was translated and published in English
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Divine Providence: A profound teaching on death and reconciliation
including visions and messages dictated by Jesus to Catalina as well as her
personal account coinciding with and concerning the deaths of her mother
and brother within days of each other in June 2003. This book can give
much hope and comfort to all people, for all experience during life the
death of loved ones and all will ultimately experience death and a birth to
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The Stations of the Cross: The meditations on the Passion of the Christ in
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The Passion: Reflections on the mystery of Jesus’ suffering and the value
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one’s love for Jesus. This book was translated and published in English in
From Sinai to Calvary: Profound visions and teachings dictated by Jesus to
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was translated and published in English in 2004.
Large Books of Messages
While on a pilgrimage in October 1994, Catalina received the stigmata,
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January 1996. Immediately after the wounds appeared and for the next
two years, Catalina received a large volume of teachings dictated by Jesus
and the Virgin Mary. The teachings cover many subjects with the overall
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The Great Crusade of Love and The Door to Heaven: These books were
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The Great Crusade of Mercy and The Great Crusade of Salvation: These
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Video - A Plea to Humanity
This video documents recent remarkable supernatural events in Bolivia.
The video was produced by the Australian attorney and documentary
producer, Ron Tesoriero. The video also includes footage from the 2-hour,
prime-time, FOX TV broadcast, “Signs from God - Science Tests Faith ,“
on the bleeding statue of Christ and on Catalina’s stigmata experiences
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P.O. Box 1160, Hampstead, NC 28443 USA
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