love and mercy.orgLove & Mercy Publications is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and in sharing the writings of Catalina Rivas, a housewife from Cochabamba, Bolivia, who has been receiving messages from Jesus and Mary since 1993. The original Spanish text has been given an Imprimatur and these messages have been translated into English. 

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The Passion of Christ the writings of Catalina Rivas
The Holy Mass by Catalina Rivas
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2 Free Booklets"The Passion & The Holy Mass"
only $2.00 for shipping and handling. Click to print out a Mail-in-Order Form

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"The Passion"- A powerful reflection on the Passion of the Christ in His own words as dictated to Catalina: This 48 page book has an “Imprimatur” and is recommended for meditation including reflections on the mystery of Jesus’ suffering and the value that it has on Redemption. This is truly a very profound account of the Passion of Christ that will deeply touch and change hearts and increase one’s love for Jesus.

Also included a FREE copy of the 36 page “The Holy Mass” booklet. Jesus has told Catalina that “Your Mass will never again be the same as before.” A teaching on the Holy Mass by the Virgin Mary and Jesus that will deepen one's spiritual experience of the Divine Liturgy and how to live it with our hearts.

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2 Free Booklets"The Passion & The Holy Mass"
only $2.00 for shipping and handling. Click to print out an order form.

The messages about the The Holy Mass given to Catalina have been used on various websites and periodicals. The messages are also being used Eucharistic and Mass paperback spiritual books.

The Micheal Journal printed the Holy Mass in their news paper  (
Aug-Sep, 2005  issue # 336) and they followed up with a The Holy Mass leaflet (Web or PDF)

The Micheal Journal The Holy Mass by Catalina Rivas

2 Free Booklets"The Passion & The Holy Mass"
only $2.00 for shipping and handling. Click to print out an order form.

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Table of Contents
Jesus Prepares Himself
The Last Supper
Jesus Prays in the Garden
Jesus Institutes the Holy Eucharist
Jesus Does the Will of the Father Jesus Looks for His Disciples
Judas Delivers Jesus
Jesus Is Taken before Caiaphas
Peter Denies Jesus
Jesus Is Taken to Prison
Jesus Is Taken before Herod
Jesus Is Taken Again before Pilate
The Scourging of Jesus
Jesus Is Sentenced to Death
Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns
Barrabas Is Set Free
Jesus Forgives the Greatest Sinners
Jesus on His Way to Calvary
Jesus Is Helped to Carry the Cross
Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross
Jesus Pronounces His Last Words The Resurrection of Jesus

Sample text from The Passion


Nobody really believes that I perspired blood that night at Gethsemane, and few believe that I suffered much more in those hours than in the Crucifixion. It was more painful because it was clearly revealed to Me that the sins of everyone were made Mine and that I should answer for each one. Thus I, being innocent and pure, answered to the Father as if I were really guilty of dishonesty and of all the impurities committed by you, My brothers. You dishonor God who created you to be instruments of the greatness of Creation and not to stray from the nature given you with the purpose of gradually taking that nature to lead you to behold the pure vision of Me, your Creator.

My children, poor sinners! Do not distance yourselves from Me. I wait for you night and day at the Tabernacle. I will not reproach your crimes; I will not throw your sins in your face. What I will do is to wash you with the Blood of My wounds. Do not be afraid, come to Me. You do not know how much I love you.

I insist and gently tell that soul: Do not fear. If for Me you leave your rest, I shall reward you. Come and pray with Me, only one hour! Look, this is the moment when I need you! If you stop, will you now be behind schedule? How many times I hear that same answer!

You are Mine for three reasons: because I created you from nothing; because I redeemed you; and because you shall receive part of My Crown of Glory. That is why you must remember that I care for you for these three reasons, and that I could never lose My interest in whom I have created, have saved, and in whom shall be My Glory.

"Messages to any mystic from the Blessed Virgin and Jesus do not have to be accepted by anyone as articles of faith, even though the messages may be approved by the local bishop as not contradicting the faith. Nevertheless, regardless of what you might think about the revelations made to Catalina Rivas, you should still read this explanation of the awesome meaning of the Holy Mass. After reading it, you might think differently about your personal responsibility to Christ’s marvelous sacrifice for all mankind". - Chastity – In San Francisco

Sample text from The Holy Mass

“From the bottom of your heart ask the Lord’s forgiveness for all your faults, for having offended Him. In this way you will be able to participate worthily in this privilege that is, to attend Holy Mass.”

I must have thought for a split second: ”But I am in the state of Grace. I just went to confession last night.” She answered: “Do you think you have not offended the Lord since last night? Let Me remind you of a few things. When you were leaving home to come here, the girl who helps you approached you to ask for something, and since you were running late, you answered her in a hurry and not in the best way. That was a lack of charity on your part, and you say that you have not offended God...?

"On your way here a bus crossed into your lane and almost hit you. You expressed yourself in an unfitting manner against that poor man, instead of coming saying your prayers and preparing yourself for Mass. You showed lack of charity and you lost your peace and patience. And you say that you have not hurt the Lord…? "You arrive at the last minute when the procession of the celebrants to the Altar has begun… and you are going to participate in the Mass without previous preparation..."
The moment of the Liturgy of the Word arrived and the Virgin Mary had me repeat: “Lord, today I want to listen to Your Word and produce abundant fruit. Let Your Holy Spirit cleanse the soil of my heart so that Your Word may grow and develop in it. Lord, purify my heart so that it may be well disposed.”

Our Lady said: “I want you to be attentive to the readings and to the entire homily of the priest. Remember that the Bible says that the Word of God does not return without having born fruit. If you are attentive, something of all that you have heard will remain in you. You must try to recall all day long those Words that have left an impression on you. Sometimes it may be two verses; other times the reading of the entire Gospel or perhaps only one word. Savor them for the rest of the day and this will then become part of you, because that is the way to change one’s life, by allowing the Word of God to transform you.

2 Free Booklets"The Passion & The Holy Mass"
only $2.00 for shipping and handling. Click to print out an order form.

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